9 word poetry challenge … its back!!!

With the appearance of Angelryon’s website and the inclusion of forums thereon, the 9 word challenge reemerges and I for one am VERY happy. This has always been one of my favorite threads and it seemed fitting and proper to include it there.

The first set of words and the resulting poem, follow:
Positive ~ Building ~ Resemblance ~ Toast ~ Wings ~ Horizon ~ Burning ~ Spirit ~ Turn

The resemblance was startling.
It seemed like a wildfire, blazing,
out of control.
Hy stared out hys window
gazing at the horizon
its reflection burning
along the surface of the wind-rippled water below.

Hys life was full of positive.
Hopes and dreams were coming to pass
and hy was building, planning, more.
Hys spirit had taken flight
on wings she had made strong again.

As hy watched the sun sink lower,
day turn to a murky dusk that would,
flow smoothly into a silent night,
hy raised hys glass towards the East,
birthing from hys heart a toast.

To life, to love, to you.

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