Coffee, Tea or ……

Imagine this if you will …

My girlfriend is visiting for the weekend, we have decided to go to the city center (downtown, for the American readers). While walking through the pedestrian district, she asks, “What is House of Fraiser?” Though her question was a valid one, the only way I could respond at that moment was with humour. Honest answer it was though. I said, “It is probably THE most expensive store here. I can’t even afford to go in and sniff-test the aftershaves.”

Well … as luck would have it, right there by the doorway was one of those nifty little signs that advertise something special being served in the cafeteria. Luck again dictated that it would be “Devon Cream Tea”. This delightful snack/dessert/treat, is compiled of the following …
a) 1 Scone (plain or with raisins) slit open “width-wise”, as a hamburger bun would be
b) butter
c) clotted cream
d) your favorite jam/jelly/preserves or marmalade
traditionally served with a pot of tea. So off we went in search the cafeteria.

Riding up escalators to the 5th floor, EUREKA !!! Having chosen a suitable table at which to sit, depositing packages upon the spare chairs and ensuring I know EXACTLY what her taste buds are craving, I venture forth to gather her culinary desires. One Devon Cream Tea, minus pot of tea, plus hot chocolate or coffee.

Tray in hand I collect scone, butter, clotted cream and 2 types of jam, then make my way to the area where the hot drinks are provided. Hmmm … no hot chocolate, so it will have to be coffee. Next, milk and sugar, spoon and … coke for myself, minus cream tea and back to provide her with the goodies.

Milk and sugar added to coffee, stir and sip …………. BLECH !!!!!

UH-OH ….

I waited, trembling to hear what words of wisdom would trip off her tongue … I was very surprised … after describing the coffee in several ways, she said, and I quote “Take this back and tell them that it is an insult to coffee drinkers everywhere … I’ll have a cup of tea.” So off I trundle. I deliver said message, collect a small pot of tea, equally small pitcher of milk, a clean spoon and more sugar and head back to the table ……. again.

Sugar added to tea and gently stirred, cup raised to lips and …….. UGH !!!!

Yep, you guessed it … the tea wasn’t very good either.

So … what happens when the coffee AND the tea are bad?


Did you guess correctly?? I never would have in a million years!!!

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1 Response to Coffee, Tea or ……

  1. missterioso says:

    Creative soul, she is! 🙂

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