9 Word Poetry Challenge

Poetry challenges … I love them. This set of words came along after a wonderful weekend. I used them to relate the priceless moments we shared, from start to finish.

surprises, traveling, coffee, sleep, heart, green, blue, peace, rings

“Its the little things”, she said
as I sat staring at an email full of surprises.
That such a hopeless romantic such as I
could hope, much less find
someone as perfect as she,
is a miracle.
That she could trust me with her soul,
is a blessing that enriches more than wealth.

As we, traveling along life’s road
chanced to meet,
I, have found my better half.
Peace surrounds me
yet at times,
feelings so intense cause
silent tears to flow and words,
to become dammed behind a boulder sized lump
that fills my throat.

Laying, head resting in her lap,
I gaze upwards into eyes so blue
they overpower the sky
and I relax as her fingers touch.
My cheek, chilled from ocean breezes
warms from her caress as if the sun itself
shone only upon us.
The world rushes past
as we, slow yet unbridled, dance,
to music of our own composition.

As the chimes of time echo,
‘cross pastures green and shingle beaches,
I give to her again a symbol of
my heart, carved by sand and water
out of glass that may have heard cannon
or crashing waves that thundered,
loud like my pulse in my ears
and words remain unsaid,
for our thoughts are one.

One day, we will exchange rings
but we have already exchanged much more
and each priceless moment is indelably etched
within that part of us that captures memories,
holds them and reminds us that we are loved.
But for now, I dream as I sleep
and coffee,
never tastes as good
when you are not here.

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