OMN – 1 July 2009

Open Mic Night at Angelryon has always been one of my favorite social events. While this night was no exception, I knew I was reading a piece that I really did not want to be reading. Why? Because by doing so, I was acknowledging that we had lost a greatly cherished and much loved member. A member not only of Angelryon, but of the D/s household I am deeply honoured to be a family member of. I also have lost a dear friend of several years.


HotandSpicy Curry, her SecondLife name, was someone I met and befriended while working as the Head of Security at Mysteria. Soft spoken, happy-go-lucky yet sometimes quiet and withdrawn, a person with so much honour to her friends and D/s family that she set a shining example to others. She would work like a draft horse for a cause she believed in, often staying awake to DJ for that chosen cause for 24 or 48 hours.

Oh, and her DJing … she was fond of telling me that I was her inspiration, that I taught her well … but in many ways, she taught me and I will be eternally grateful. She was THE best DJ I have had the honour to work with. Thank you for showing an “old dawg” new tricks.

A while ago … in terms of months, Hot gifted me a texture of a poem she wrote. It referred to a time past, when Mysteria was alive in SecondLife and when our friendship really found its roots. I in turn, took her poem, found a picture online of the fruit to which she refers and in PaintShop Pro, designed a picture for her.


I chose to use this in my tribute tonight. This is how it reads.

Fruit – by HotandSpicy Curry

Fruit was something you played with
Just something you did.
You held the fruit as you offered it to me
It was just a peach.
You fed me it
I licked the spot I was going to bite.
I savoured the sweet flesh
I bit the spot I had licked.
I felt the juice on my chin
The sweetness of the fruit in my mouth.
For you it was just something you did
Feeding fruit was fun and playful.
For me it was the start of an amazing friendship
Not just with you but with both of you.
We laughed so hard when everyone else also seemed to heat up
For them it was steamy and Oh My God.
It was like not one of them had ever seen anyone bite a piece of fruit
For us it was fun and just something that happened.
The fruit was sweet and juicy
It was fun to do.
It was a lifetime ago that fruit
It was a lifetime ago we became friends.
It was a lifetime ago we beacme friends
In that lifetime you both have become more special than words.
More special than anything said or done
It is my lifetime ago and my lifetime to go.
I hope we are always this close
For in this lifetime and that one I made the best friends I could ever want.
Fruit was something you played with
Just something you did.


I know Hot is out there somewhere. I don’t know why she left like she did, but I know she has left a void. An empty space not only here at Angelryon, but in my life, within the Household I am honoured to belong to. Though she cannot hear my words or sense my thoughts, I hope that somehow she realizes how deeply she touched my life, our lives …

I’ve dedicated my contribution to this week’s 9 word challenge to Hot. The words are:
music, door, time, home, moonlight, pennies, sidewalk, boots, couch

My black leather boots crunch pebbles
on the sidewalk as if they were
dry leaves gathered in my hands
and crushed into confetti
to shower down on you unexpectedly.

I reach out slowly
confident, yet unsure in my own way.
Loose fist rapping upon the wooden door to the home.
Not my home, that is the place where I
share pennies,
thoughts that steal into my mind
at times,
with Angelika.

This is your home,
your santuary, wherever it may be.
In your land of dreams
your escape
your second life.
Or was …
but now there is no music.
There is no tree, no Panda.

As I sit on our couch
looking out over Angelryon
and giving thanks for
the one who made my dreams come true
in more ways than she may ever know
I stare
at the moonlight
reflected in the water
and sigh.

I guess it was time
for you to move on.
I guess you had your reasons
though I doubt we’ll ever know.
I wish you luck along your path
no matter where you go.
I look around and
can’t believe you’re gone.

Our Hot _ Angelryon

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1 Response to OMN – 1 July 2009

  1. Cal says:

    Beautiful words. Miss you Hottie. Be safe.


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