OMN – 8 July 2009

My contribution to this weeks Open Mic Night at Angelryon was written using the words from the 9 word challenge on the Angelryon forums.

The words and the piece are, as follows:

nightmare, heavy, dream, familiar, lure, whisper, picture, crave, light

The low, angry rumble of thunder
and the sudden yet inherently expected
firework like explosion of lightning
awaken me from a nightmare
so vividly familiar that I sit up
looking around the room
expecting to hear her voice.

Wrapping the heavy quilt
around my sweat-soaked body,
I lean back against the wall
as nature’s display of power
flickers off the glossed surface
of the closet doors before me.

I stare,
fingers fumbling blindly
for the switch that will bring light
finding instead a placebo
as they wrap round the pack of cigarettes instead.
Not what I crave at all,
but they will have to suffice.

As I exhale,
smokey breath that if I was outside
would have indicated bitter cold,
I shiver. Reaching over my shoulder
to her picture that resides there
as if guarding me in my slumbers,
drawing it to me, gazing, longing,
aching for her whisper.

Sleep soon returns
though I am not sure how long
it took for the lure of serenity
to be accepted by my mind or body.
I only know that later,
when I awakened from my dream,
the storm had passed and
angel wings of sunlight welcomed me to the day.

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