To Me from Angelika

I was gifted this wonderful creation by Angelika back on June 12th, 2009. I wonder sometimes if she realizes, knows, just how very much she means to me, how much I love her and how deeply in love with her I am. Thank you, Angelika.

The Path

There was a path
Deep in the woods.
Once it forked —
The bad, the good.

Hy chose to take
The left-hand path,
Hy did not know,
Hy had no map.

Now this road that hy travel
Is dirty and battered
It’s littered with dreams
That are broken and tattered
Paved with wrongdoings
And dotted with hearts,
That were taken from people
And just torn apart.

Pain and regret
Are common here.
Wherever you turn,
They’re always near.

Hy wanted to cross
To the other path,
And leave behind
This painful wrath.

Hy thought hy was forever
Doomed to walk
And all the gates
Were tightly locked
But as hy continued,
A footbridge hy could see.

DateNightJune11.2009 - Templum ex Obscurum 003

A Bridge of Hope
Called out to hym
Slowly hy crossed
To the path of love
Finally hy was on the path
Of which I thought hy should.

DateNightJune11.2009 - Templum ex Obscurum 001

Deep within the soul is a timeless place, where desires soar patiently through out your day, always there and within reach, seldom expressed in words that you choose to speak; I give you a day, a night, maybe a bit more but never forever, and the strength of your voice from within your soul. I will help you sing out the words, find peace in the passion you hold, discover the meaning that remains.

DateNightJune11.2009 - ErrorSim 011

Dock your boat, dear weary traveler; have a seat upon a cloud, make yourself at home, you are now inside my dreams, inside a book, inside a poem. Where anything can happen if you only make it real, plunge into my waters if you are not afraid to feel.

DateNightJune11.2009 - ErrorSim 003

Take off your shoes and close your eyes, relax upon my sandy shore, join me in my land of dreams, reach out and take my hand. Let me share my soul with you until you find her near again, take mine out on loan until you find hers in your arms again.

DateNightJune11.2009 - ErrorSim 009

Where birds are words so gracefully they glide across the sky, leave behind your worries, here the rules do not apply. Pick my flowers if you like and plant a seed or two, paint the sky in polka dots if you do not like it blue. Climb my trees, face your voids; erase them one by one, see the world from up above.

DateNightJune11.2009 - ErrorSim 001

When your soul starts aching, let a dream control your mind, it will help you through the night. There is a place inside my dreams if you care to roam, so have a seat upon a cloud and make yourself at home.

DateNightJune11.2009 - ErrorSim 012

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2 Responses to To Me from Angelika

  1. Angelika says:

    She knows.

  2. Aryon says:

    *smiles* I’m glad.

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