9 word challenge – RelayForLife of SecondLife 2009

This poem was written for this weeks 9 word challenge on the Angelryon Forum. It will appear on my “Faces of Hope” notecard included with the picture on our campsite. It is filled with emotion and I hope you like it.

The words for this week were:
Relay, Walk, Campsite, World, Hope, Faces, Angels, Faith, Celebrate

RFL 2009 - Angelryon Saloon Dawgs Campsite

I arrive at the campsite
before me
a sky of flags flutters
in the breeze
their fabric
strong like the faith
of the world.

Angels on Earth
with uplifted faces
offer their support
with arms of strength
and wings of confidence
like those
whose pictures seen
portray hope.

as slowly as the globe
that centered therein
I walk
blinded by tears
along the cobbled way.

Faces filled with
tear-stained hope
celebrate life
as they remember
and fight
so that others
might live
they run for spirit
they relay for life.

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