9 word challenge

As Relay For Life of SL 2009 comes to an end, I find myself in a reflective mood. I have so much to be thankful for. So many to be proud of … and without a doubt, I am.

The poem I composed with this weeks words reiterates my mood. I hope you find something in it that draws pictures within your mind.

The words this week were:
Record, Forward, Dance, Silence, Bonfire, Lighthouse, Locked, Expression, Strength

RFL Tranquility - Site of the Luminaria Ceremony - RFLofSL2009(2)

As the lighthouse stands
Sentinal to all its
unfailing beam surveys
I sit.

The expression on my face
locked in blankness
as I stare
into the lava coloured bonfire.

An unearthly silence
that breeds strength and tears
eats away at us all
holding us clutched in claws of thought.

Later, as we dance
I am safe as always within you
my mind focused
moving forward again.

Another year gone by
with more to come
lives on the balance
some already passed.

That song slays me
and just for the record
my cheeks bear the scars
of hot salty tears.

But these scars will fade.

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