Record Breaking Relay For Life

Breaking records is something the Relay For Life of SecondLife teams seem to do easily. As you can see from the following information that I gleaned from both the RFLofSL website and some very helpful members of the RFLofSL Team Captains group.

In 2004, the first RFLofSL was held in the form of a Gala and Silent Auction. The total raised was $2,000 USD (US Dollars).

In 2005, 315 avatars walked a total of 817 laps around 6 relay sims and raised $5,000 USD, breaking the previous year’s record.

In 2006, 1,570 avatars walked 2,047 laps around 12 sims and raised over 8 times the amount raised the previous year … an amazing $41,000 USD.

In 2007, I found out about RFL and was amazed as I wandered around the 32 sims adorned by the likes of Godzilla, The Wizard of Oz and many other campsites that portrayed the theme “Quest for the Cure”. That was the year I also found out about the Survivor’s Group and the ACS in SL. It was also the year I was honoured with the privilege of speaking at the grand opening of ACS Island. That year, 40 teams were registered, 1, 831 avatars skated, ran, cycled and walked around the course managing 2,047 laps and raising …. wait for it … $118,500 USD almost trebling the total raised the year before.

One question … do you see a pattern here? *grins*

“Heroes” was the 2008 RFLofSL theme and everyone that took part fell into that category. More records were set when 2,230 avatars, making up 85 registered teams careened around the 35 sims an astounding 3,441 times and raised $211,000 USD.

Now, in 2009 RFLofSL is not only breaking records, they are SMASHING them to smithereens. Officially, RFL ends on July 31st but as of today, these are the amazing figures. 125 teams, made up of 3,000 avatars managed an astounding 2,155 laps. I don’t know how they managed it but I’ll have some of what they were drinking *chuckles*. Included for the first time this year was the Teengrid under the gentle guidance of Nuala Maracas. This future generation of adult relayers raised in their first year over L$100,000. Lets hear it for the Teengrid!!! At the time of writing this, Stingray9798 Raymaker says the total raised so far is … *cue drum roll* … $271,939 USD !!!!!

The Best Of Second Life blog hosted an article today written by Breezie Noel. I spoke to Frolic Mills, CEO of BOSL & CO, RFL team captain and owner of the website and obtained his permission to link to it. I’d like to thank both Frolic Mills and Breezie Noel. Please take the time to go read Breezie’s article.

I’d also like to thank Charlene Trudeau, Morgan Kincess, Bailey Dazy, Zander Greene, Jaelle Akula and everyone else who has fielded questions during my writing of this entry. I could not have done it without you.

As you can see, it just gets better and better and when you consider that Relay For Life is an International event both in SecondLife and “the real world”, how can we not consider ourselves part of that 4-letter word … T E A M. The theme for this year’s Relay says it all. “One World, One Hope”. We are all relaying for a common goal, a mutual hope that in our lifetime, anyone that hears the 3 words “You’ve got cancer” will also hear the words “but there is a cure”. Until that day, we WILL relay.

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