9 Word Challenge

This weeks words inspired me. The Lady the poem is dedicated to also inspires me. To that end, the words were:

ballet, tango, impulse, painter, body, inviting, apprentice, memorizing, smooth

And the poem …

Angelika & Aryon in England

On impulse,
plane ticket booked,
suitcase packed,
a journey to end all journeys.
New beginnings filled with wonder
that a second life knows.
A call to say “I’m here”
does not appease butterflies
that breathe anxiousness.
Only her touch will cure that.

This apprentice of romance
with the inviting smile
and “come hither” eyes.
Skin as smooth as silk
and a voice that melts
the thickest walls
around the well guarded heart.
Who’s body moves with grace
yet possesses the stealth
of a lioness.

She the artist,
that places an empty life
upon her easel
and like Monet or Rembrandt
touches with brush-like fingers
Delicate strokes well placed
as kisses sweet roam over
the canvas before her
and the picture grows.

Painter of memories
this woman.
Rising from her chair
to take an offered hand.
Tentative ballet
becomes waltz
Waltz makes way for tango,
and the dance
that began months before

Time passes all too quickly
even though prayers for
it standing still were
silently offered.
Pictures taken
with eyes and lens
capture all
and left standing
as she disappears through barricades,
hy is left memorizing them.

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