9 word challenge – Facebook

Arwen, from b-f.com started up the 9 word challenge on her facebook account. Angelika told me about it, and being addicted to the challenge, I had to take part.

The words given were:
Personal ~ Sting ~ Meant ~ Oasis ~ Notice ~ Features ~ Natural ~ Comment ~ Deliberate

In the warm oasis that is my shower I stand,
clothed only in steam as thick as fog.
The needle-like sting of the hot water,
deliberate as I try to forget your absence.

Blindly groping for the soft towel
that reminds me of a weekend in London,
your features fill my head,
dancing, as we did.

Slow and sensual our bodies move,
the dance a natural one,
meant to entice then feed the hunger.
Lunch a platter served upon wrinkled sheets.

A personal favorite for desert,
rose petal lips adorned with honey
as my tongue urges a comment from your throat
as your nails pierce my sweat slick skin.

A nervous waltz that melts into
an erotic tango that evolves in shades of red
and changes rhythm without notice.
Your touch, my touch, a dance without end.

It is only as I wipe the condensation from the mirror
that reality dawns with wretched clarity.
All that remains are memories
and the taste of you upon my tongue.

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