A German Cowgirl in Prague

Moving in Prague, an experience everyone should have to endure at least once in their life.

I have partially had the experience twice in roughly a year, thanks to Angelika … and even with the aches of an ancient and complaining body can honestly say I have enjoyed it.

I can’t communicate very well with the majority of the local population, but there are some English speakers out there. They may not know the word “egg” … ah but that is another story.

Those of you who know Angelika may find it difficult to visualize the tale I am about to tell you, but on my honour, it is true and I was laughing SO hard I nearly … hmmm … never mind.

The scene … A small, by US comparison, mall. Somewhere in Prague.
Enter stage left … Angelika, her son and myself.

First things first … feeeeeeed the hunger. Having done that, we head off to Tescos, a fairly large hypermarket. Here I must add that on my first trip to Prague last September, I was VERY surprised to find Tescos here. It is where I do a lot of my weekly shopping in the UK. For Americans, it is similar to Sam’s or Costco’s except that you don’t buy “in bulk” per say.

We are on the prowl. In other words, we are looking for household items. Okay … visualize if you can … Angelika leading the way as her son and myself, each armed with an empty shopping cart play “follow the leader” behind her. Winding our way down one aisle and up the next as she, Angelika, puts groceries in one cart and household items in the other whilst making sounds like you will NEVER imagine as she spies German delicacies on the shelves and occasionally adds them to one of the carts. OMG I think we are going to need another shopping cart!!! But no, finally having meandered through the ENTIRE store, not once, but twice … just to make sure … we toddle off to the looming row of cash registers tended (for the most part) by non-English speaking assistants who it seems, try to strike up a conversation.

As Angelika’s son and I bag the carefully selected purchases, Angelika squeals with delight and begins talking to someone who has joined the line at the cash register. It seems that she has run into a long lost friend and they are having the time of their lives chatting away. Bags packed and duly placed in the twin shopping carts, we head out to the car.

Angelika’s son and I are pushing the carts and for once, leading the way *laughs*. Angelika and her cohort are laughing and talking as they follow along when all of a sudden a Germanic peal of laughter followed by a shriek causes me to turn around … FAST. There is Angelika, perched on the back of her friend being carried through the mall. I swear to you … I would not have believed it either had I not seen it with my own two eyes, but it was the funniest sight I have seen in quite a while outside of SL, that is.

What followed next was even more hilarious.

Angelika having decided she had had enough of being piggybacked through the mall hops off her friend’s back and lands … now this is where I ask you to think back to the first days of Angelryon (for those readers who are members) and recall the day that Dee (Sassy) deleted the horse right out from under herself and I just HAD to take a picture … anyway, there is Angelika, standing in the middle of the mall as bow legged as a cowboy who has been riding a horse for a year and never gotten off … her hands firmly clasped between her legs as if to stop something … Goddess knows what … from dropping out and pulling a face that rivaled ….. nope … I’m not going there … and groaning. Well, I completely lost it. I could not stop laughing long enough to ask if she was okay.

I vowed however to write about it in my blog. To extract a tiny bit of revenge for the times Angelika has written about moments when I wished the ground would open up and swallow me, to no avail.

So, my darling Angelika … though I have no picture to accompany this story about your Cowgirl escapades, I have kept my promise to you and blogged it *grins*. Here’s to more priceless memories!

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