9 word challenge – Facebook

Another set of words from Arwen on Facebook which yielded another poem.
I hope you like it.

The words were:
Request Delivery Sea Alabaster Recycled Tickles Scorpion Pound Remote

Somewhere between the rose of dawn
and the gold of sunset
the sea waves
cap with alabaster.

I gaze from the shore
silently sending my request
the message in a bottle
sent special delivery.

Days later
on some remote shore
as swells pound
the recycled vessel lands.

Sun baked and salt bleached
the torn label
that once bore words
peels away as scorpion feet test.

The fatal sting kills
the ink blurred
and she will never know
what I said.

Yet the tickles
of her fingers
as they tease my heart
are a fate worse than death.

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