The Small Step Journey

There’s this path that I am traveling
it isn’t very wide
there’s obstacles along the way
most each and every stride.

It twists and turns and rambles
going on forever more
and my back aches from its burdens
and my feet forever sore.

Yet I must keep on traveling
down this path I chose to tread
and should my bones grow weary
I’ll sit and lay my head.

For now I’m doing good though
one glance is all I need
as step by step I wander
walking onward at slow speed.
Footsteps in the dune - JS Corbett
I turned and glanced the other day
back from whence I been
the path bore only footprints
small spaces in between.

As far as my old eyes could see
past the horizon I surmise
each small step I’d made in life
a deed, a word, a choice.

What lies ahead I do not know
but one thing is very clear
the time has come to say farewell
to memories once held dear.

The sun sets as the moon appears
stars twinkling in the sky
the path in shadow now
and I need to close my eyes.
So sleep I must and dreams abound
not haunting any more
for finally I know for sure
that I have closed a door.

I’ll look back no more in sorrow
I’ll look forward and be calm
for I’ve made small steps that led me
through the darkness to your arms.

So hold me there tonight love
tomorrow is unknown
and on your chest I’ll lay my head
and I’ll not be alone.

No other shall I place above you
for no-one matters more
for I finally know for certain
that I have closed the door.
The past is gone behind me
the future lies round the bend
what matters is right here, right now
I’ll get there in the end.

So let love’s light guide me
as I tread this path so long
for I know that it will take me
to the place where I belong.

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