9 word challenge – BFP

Recently a new Butch-Femme forum based website opened. Angelika told me about it and I went and signed up. I was ecstatic to find that 9 word challenge poetry was there. This was my first contribution.

New ~ Beginnings ~ Explore ~ Heat ~ Fragile ~ Glass ~ Side ~ Up ~ Stack

As the May morning dawns
heat rises
like feathery tendrils
off the pavement

A glass of chilled juice
sits on the tray
sentry to a stack of pancakes,
eggs with bacon
and your coffee.

New beginnings
for us both,
I smile
and kiss your shoulder
to wake you up.

Eyes flutter open
an almost childlike smile
lights your face
rolling on your side
you whisper “Good morning”.

Later as we explore
again in slow time
we both realize
that we are no longer
as fragile as we once were.

9 Nov. 2009

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