9 word challenge – random

The following list of words were “donated” by a Lady at one of the sims in SecondLife that I frequent and the poem I composed using them.

hypotenuse ~ mastermind ~ disadvantageous ~ mercurial ~ onomatopoeia ~ treacherous ~ discerning ~ droll ~ fey

A discerning smile
curls lips like silk
painted with tenderness.

Time taken to mastermind
the treacherous
she awaits his arrival.

It would be disadvantageous
of the creature to
keep her waiting.

Her mercurial blood would boil
the corners of her mouth
turn down .

A virtual onomatopoeia
she sizzled
her looks delicious to behold.

Her heart beneath the black
was glib and fey her sight
yet he would never know.

Droll she was
as she strung up the arrival
proving the theorem.

The hypotenuse of the boy
stretched to form triangle
between wall and floor.

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1 Response to 9 word challenge – random

  1. Maggie says:

    Excellent! I didn’t it would be possible to make a poem out of those words.

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