9 word challenge – BFP

Another contribution to the BFP 9 word challenge thread. The 9 words given were:
Concentration ~ Gloves ~ House ~ Smile ~ Advice ~ Remind ~ Memory ~ Protect ~ Along

Her lips curled up
the corners of her mouth
bleeding crimson
Her ragged smile
served to remind me
of a scarecrow or
a jack-o-lantern.

There in the solitude
of her house
she sat
bent over as if
she bore the weight
of the world
upon her shoulders
and had advice to offer.

Each morning
face painted with
washed out eyes
gazing at a memory
in the mirror
she would begin
her day.

Ancient white gloves
meant to protect her
from what
as she shuffled

They used to stare for
another reason
this high-femme
frazzled and worn
now only
caught glances

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