Open Mic Night – 22 Nov 2009

In SecondLife, there is a woman by the name of Half Short. She runs a business that sells some amazing items.

One day not long ago a group IM popped open. She was talking about a piece she had created which she chose to call ‘Caught Teardrops’. The following poem exploded into being and subsequently is being used in conjunction with the sale of her creation.

Caught Teardrops

Morning breathes
its cool breeze on the rosebuds.
The dew shimmering on their delicate petals
Like caught teardrops.

She rises,
sweeping aside the curtains and standing,
her pale skin bed-warm,
as she traces the stained glass of the window.

A memory races through her mind
of a love lost to time
and she reaches up to her cheek
and gathers caught teardrops.

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