Relay For Life … online vs offline

Okay … I realize to some the title of this entry may seem crazy but it will definitely make sense to some of “my” readers.

Since literally stumbling upon an online Relay For Life in July 2007 in a wonderful virtual environment, I have, for the most part been immersed in the build up, intensity, emotional roller-coaster, fun and stress that is Relay For Life of Second Life. This will be my fourth RFLofSL and my first relay since being FULLY discharged from the hospital.


No matter that in Second Life I will wear a Survivor T-shirt and walk the Survivor Lap. Don’t get me wrong … this lap will give emotional upheaval a new meaning … it does every year. This year, for the first time, I will be walking a Survivor’s Lap offline too, and THAT, despite the fact that I will not be walking with people I relate to daily, for the most part … means more than I can say.

Since being diagnosed, I have had more losses than wins. Not so important when you consider that I won my battle against cancer and am able to pay it forward for that wonderful second chance. But today, was one of those “win” experiences. A feel-good, a high … yet one that brought tears to my eyes at the same time.

I woke up, and shuffled downstairs. Glancing as I always do towards the front door to see if the mail has come. I made my way to the kitchen, made a pot of coffee and took my first sip of warmth. Carrying my mug, I made my way down to gather the mail and settle in my chair to see what ‘junk’ had arrived. ‘Junk’, since for the most part, that is what I seem to receive more and more of, lately. Imagine my surprise when I saw a huge, blue envelope with “Get ready to Relay!” emblazoned on it. I set my mug down and opened it and the tears began to flow. Inside, was my Survivor T-shirt and pin.

I’m certain many of you have had this experience before, but this year has been and will be another year of fulfilling dreams. Goals, wishes that I have made over the last 9 years and this was one of them.

My local RFL is taking place on the same days as RFLofSL. I will do two Survivor Laps this year and BOTH will mean a lot to me.


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