“Ding Dong …”

I look away from my computer screen and wonder who this person is that I can see through my living room window. I unlock the door, leaving the chain in place (one can’t be too careful these days) and open the door. There stands a woman in a summer dress with a carrier bag of some things and a small booklet in her hand. “Hi, is your wife at home?” she asks with a smile.

For a moment I am speechless, but finally, I shake my head and reply that she isn’t. All the while chuckling to myself in my mind. She makes a note on her paper and asks what time she gets in from work. Unable to contain my laughter any longer I tell her that my girlfriend lives in Prague. She gives me this bemused look and then utters words that caused me to really laugh hard. “Do you think next time she comes to visit, she would like to host a Betterware (similar but not quite like Tupperware) party?”

Oh how I would have loved for Angelika to be here at that moment, but she wasn’t so instead of being able to call her to the door, I told the lady “No, I don’t think so.”, excused myself and closed the door.

Now this might not have been so hilarious if just the day before, while walking into my living room with a cup of coffee, another brochure dropped through my letterbox. I set my mug down on my desk and walked over to pick it up. AVON, it said and I burst out laughing. Opening the door, I stepped out onto my porch and looked this way and that. I spied the culprit as she made her way down the side-walk that runs in front of the houses and called out to her.

“I’m sorry, I don’t buy anything off the doorstep.” I told her. “Oh,” she replied with a smile … well at least these door-to-door salespeople know how to smile … more than can be said for some who work in the stores. She came back to fetch the small booklet and as she reached out, she said “But this is for your wife.” I blinked, I just know I did then opened my mouth to speak but the words faltered. I blinked again and informed her that my girlfriend lived in Prague.

The last thing I was expecting was her response to that. With a sly grin on her face and a mischievous gleam in her eye, she said … “Well, I guess the postage to Prague would be a bit expensive.” She winked and turned back towards the pavement with a wave over her shoulder and a brief apology.

Now their are a couple of reasons I decided to write this. Firstly, as most people know, I am masculine, but I identify as female. Secondly, while Angelika is my Second Life and real life partner, we are not married. Isn’t it comical that while I use the moniker ‘Syr’, as an Old Guard Top and ‘boi’ as Angelika’s submissive, it would be assumed by two women on two separate days that I have a wife (did they assume I was male, too?)

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