I found …

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately, mainly because I returned home from Prague with several books that Angelika had finished with. Thanks to her, I have discovered quite a few authors whose books I have enjoyed immensely. But that is not what this piece is about. Nor will this be one of those long and drawn out writings either.

While reading a book by John Rickards entitled ‘The Touch Of Ghosts’, I came across this description of the main character’s relation with his girlfriend. I found that I could totally relate to it and wanted to record it. Not only for prosperity, but because perhaps someone else can relate to it as well. Allow me to briefly explain without ruining the plot.

The main character, ex-FBI investigator Alex Rourke and his girlfriend live several hours apart and take it in turns to visit each other. Following the similarity? Good! *grins* At any rate, the description reads as follows:

“Ours is a relationship conducted at some distance, but it works. It makes every moment we have together that much more important, and every feeling that much more intense. I thought I was happy enough before I met her, but all I had was a pale imitation of a life.”

There is nothing more for me to say. Thanks for reading.

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