Hunts, Nuts and a Butch-Femme Thingy on the Side

While on a hunt recently in the virtual world that I frequent known as Second Life, I overheard a comical conversation between a couple. But before I tell you about that, let me tell those of you who are not familiar with them or Second Life about hunts in general.

Hunts in Second Life are almost an every day occurrence and as a rule, it entails going to a starting location, finding and collecting the gift and moving on to the next location using the landmark that is hopefully included in the gift folder. There may be a hunt blog and that blog might contain a list of the participating stores, a hint and if you are extremely fortunate, it will also include a SLurl which should the landmark not be included, can be used to get to the next store. Of course, this also comes in handy if a store has dropped out of the hunt or been asked to leave for some reason.

The name of the hunt I was doing was the “Lets Go Nuts” hunt, marking the season of Autumn. The hunt prizes were ensconced within a sculptie acorn which the store owners, for the most part had creatively hidden either outside or inside their store. So picture this …

I wander into the next store on the hunt and realize that there is a couple there chatting on open voice. I thought they were male and female as so far I had only heard the female speak. It was obvious by what she was saying that they were on the same hunt I was on and the comments and mutterings ranged from “OMG where is IT ?!?” to the occasional well placed curse word.

I in the meantime had found the acorn and was browsing around when the woman spoke again … “I can’t find this damn nut!” to which her friend said … “I’ve got some nuts for you” or something to that affect. The only thing was that the voice that said this was most definitely female so I perused the profiles and discovered they were a Butch-Femme couple. Just as I discovered this, she responded somewhat humourlessly … “Yours are detachable, they don’t count!”

Laugh, I laughed so hard I had tears rolling down my cheeks and I was very thankful I was not on voice. You never know what you will see or hear while wandering around Second Life.

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