A Butch Fantasy

I wrote this for an Angelryon Open Mic night. I thought I had published here but a search showed I had not. I guess it is time to share it. The following content is recommended for over 18s only.

Her hair caught the light of the sun that filtered through the low clouds as she walked out of the door, turning to lock it behind her, it flew, a flash of colour in the dreary morning. Her blue eyes were the shade of blue that reminded hym of the clouds on a summer day, though today was not summer and the sky was not blue.

Hy watched her from hys window, hating hymself for not being brave enough to introduce hymself properly, but then, what did hy have that a woman like her could possibly want. Hy wasn’t handsome and she was so classy. Hy shoved hys hands into the pockets of hys jeans and hummed a song from one of hys favourite movies, the wordless tune drawing words in hys mind, painting a picture. “Can’t look in her eyes, she’s out of my league. Just a fool to believe I have anything she needs. She’s like the wind.”

Occasionally hy would see her as she shopped at the local grocery store. It had been a long time since hy literally stopped and stared at a woman. But hy could not help hymself. Hy never saw her in the company of anyone either and it always made hym wonder what she did with her time. Hy would give anything to be part of her life even if it were only in a small way.

It always impressed hym watching her stroll nonchalantly down the sidewalk, head held high, not like so many other women that appeared to intentionally avoid eye contact. Continuing to watch her, hys right hand wandered from hys pocket and into the waistband of hy jeans, finding hys smooth skinned chosen cock, causing hys breath to catch in hys throat. This woman did things to hym that no one had in a very long time.

Glancing over at the clock hy became aware of the time and with a heavy sigh removed hys hand from inside hys jeans. It was time to get ready for the daily regime. After removing the shirt and jeans, the fingers of both hands raked hys hair, reminding hym hy needed a haircut. Hy despised shaggy hair, much preferring short, tidy, with a bit of spikey wildness.

Moving sure-footed from the bedroom to the bathroom, hy reached into the shower adjusting the hot water, and closing the door letting the steam engulf hys solid form. Hy inhaled slowly, drinking in the moist air. The blast of hot water caused hym to gasp sharply, peppering hys flesh. The soap had a fresh yet masculine scent, producing enough lather to cover hys body, making hym appreciate that it did not clash with hys preferred cologne. Nothing was worse than a plethora of different aromas vying for attention.

Showering always made hys mind wander, and this time was no different. She consumed hys thoughts. Hys soapy hand wrapped itself around hys silicon cock again but this time, giving hymself permission. Slow were the strokes, edging hymself thinking about her. Thoughts of her always aroused hym, the pain of hys erection welcomed, creeping like lava through hys veins, the clenching in hys belly turning hys knees to jello, propelling hym back against the tiled shower wall; a coldness barely perceptible against hys skin.

Hys breath quick, racing to keep up with hys heart, catching in hys throat, finally unable to maintain hys balance, hy slid down the wall to the floor of the shower mingling hys cum with the water in which hy sat. The muscles in hys legs taut and quivering, hys hand still cradling hys cock, sitting,feeling the pounding of hys heart, the raspiness in hys throat from the gasped breaths.

Time having no meaning and moving of its own accord, hy managed to rise at some point on unsteady legs, turning the tap to remove the beating of the water, hys trembling hand opening the door to seek out hys radiator-warmed bath towel,and began to dry hymself off. Fingers teasing back hys hair from hys eyes, towel wrapped around hys waist, hy returned to the bedroom and dressed with care.

Finely creased black trousers, white shirt with tucks tailored for hys physique and black loafers. The style suited hym well, as much as jeans and polo shirts did. Picking up the loose change, wallet, keys and cell phone from hys dresser and slipping them into pre-designated pockets, hy turned to leave. One hand on the open door handle, the other busy with keys, hy noticed her, coming back home from the bevy of stores down the street and around the corner. Hy smiled and called out a greeting to her, the first time hy had ever dared such a thing … but after all, why not, hy had already made love to her.

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  1. Mind-blowing article bro. This kind of is just a enormously nicely structured piece of writing. I praise you

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