Christmas dinner which way?

I am writing from Prague. No, not the one in Oklahoma either. This is my third Christmas in Prague but it is the first where I have cooked the Christmas dinner and I really did enjoy doing it, as crazy as that may sound.

I started cooking at about 11 am and the first ting to be cooked was Zimtsterne. These German, Austrian, Swiss cookies (origin depending on which recipe you read) are basically made of ground almonds and cinnamon and the white egg/sugar glaze icing that covers the top of the star shapes is as delicious as the cookies.

The next thing to be made was deep dish apple pie. I used 3 different types of apple and that combined with the sugar/cinnamon mix could have been eaten on its own. Did I happen to mention that I love cinnamon?

Days old bread was soaked in water and squeezed to a sort of sticky consistency, giblets chopped and fried and half a medium onion finely chopped then all three mixed together to form the stuffing for the bird … or should I say fowl, since the main course was to be duck a la orange.

Potatoes were peeled and cut to be boiled for mash, green beans freed from the can (yes, I cheated) and spaetzles were prepared. Spaetzles are pretty much a staple German food but are not eaten just in Germany and they are delicious, especially Kase-Spaetzles (Kase being German for cheese). Literally translated (German), Spaetzle means little sparrow according to a source on the web. In Switzerland, Spaetzles are called Knopfle, or literally little buttons.

The last thing I made was biscuits, no you British readers, not cookies. Biscuits in America are a bread item and are very versatile in that they can be served for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

As you can see, Christmas dinner covered a few countries and hence my chosen title for this piece. I guess Angelika and son enjoyed it all since there were no complaints and if you don’t mind, I’ll take this chance to pat myself on the back.


Because this was the first time I have ever cooked a whole Christmas dinner on my own.

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