A 9 word challenge

Words donated by Miss Amethyst Starosten.

despondent, breezy, fluffy, gum, introspective, smelly, cluttered, speckled, azure

As the sun rose
turning the already speckled sky
to a pink ribbon shade of blue,
the fluffy clouds cluttered the space
where the same azure of her eyes
could be seen but only by me
and only in my imagination,
I wandered along the smelly riverbank.

These past days and weeks
I have felt despondent
yet through my friends
and their breezy, hope-filled words,
I have re-found my strength
and been reborn
to walk the cancerous paths again.

Though my introspective flutters
like the wings
of an irridescent bird,
I grip my heart and hold it
bare-fisted and ripped from my body
to offer it skyward
for her life.

As I do so,
some howling cat
in a gum tree
mimics my sobs
and makes fun of my fears
which I have vowed to face.

And at last,
my eyes flow like a river
my soul cleansed
and my heart soars skyward
for her life.

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