Soccer 1 – American Football 0 !

Just imagine if you will, being German and not being a ‘sports mom’. Not that difficult, right? Well, now let me explain why I asked you to try and imagine this.

When I was first diagnosed with cancer, there was no light-bulb that appeared over my head with a little speech bubble that said something like “I’m gonna fight this”. In fact, some of my closest friends said there were no noticeable changes in me apart from my sense of humour which got darker and I ‘slowed down’. When I asked them what they meant about slowing down, they said that I was smelling the flowers, not just looking at them. Ok, that makes sense.

The other night, I was giving Angelika’s leg a massage and we were chatting. Actually, she was chatting and I was listening and making the occasional comment of agreement or laughing, in truth I was laughing a lot. What you have to understand is that Angelika tends to offer up these little pearls of wisdom from time to time. They may come in the form of seemingly blunt statements or as tiny snippets. They may be seriously said or blurted out utilizing her strictly Germanic sense of humour. But however they are served, be it ‘a la mode’ or ‘au juis’, they should be taken in and filed for future use.

When it comes to American football, the only interest Angelika has in it is that the ‘game pass’ that is set up for her son so that he can watch his beloved Tampa Bay Buccaneers (read Succaneers), works correctly. Where am I going with this? Hmmmm? Well, I believe I can say that in all honesty, the only times I have seen (erm … heard on Skype, actually) Angelika getting excited over anything remotely sports related was this past summer when the World Cup was being played. Several times, the two of us, each in our own respective homes sat, connected aurally by Skype and watched the German National team kick butt (for the most part) via the internet. This in itself was an experience for me and I hasten to add, an enjoyable one. Angelika hooted and hollared, bounced in her chair (by the sound of it) and even yodelled (I think).

Now, return to the present day if you will and picture this. Angelika recently was told that she has an inter-uterine tumour the size of a soccer ball and was in hospital for about a week. So here we are chatting, listening, laughing and massaging and she comes out with this hilarious gem that went something like this:
“I am so glad this lump is in keeping with the German Football (soccer) traditions. I mean … if they had told me that my lump was the size of an American football … NOOOOOOOOOO!!! No way!!!” I nearly fell off the bed I was laughing so hard. When I finally stopped, I just shook my head and looked at her, saying “OK that is a blog entry.”

So here is said entry. It may lose something in the ‘translation’ but considering the source … trust me, it was awesome.

~ originally written 14 Dec. 2010

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