Sometimes I wonder …

Have you ever had questions that you wanted answers for and knew that you would never get them? That is how I have felt for several months now and it isn’t getting better. Of course I can surmise what the answers might be, but I really want definite responses. The problem lies within the language barrier, the seemingly “we don’t care” attitude … which is based on my perception, built up over time and the recognition of pain and discomfort.

If this doesn’t make any sense to you, don’t fret. I am just rambling tonight. Tomorrow, Angelika will be admitted into hospital and next Monday her surgery is scheduled *heaves a sigh of relief* … finally.

Among the things I would like to ask are:
Why didn’t the surgeons remove the tumour and THEN start her on heparin, instead of prolonging her discomfort/pain. That way, by now possibly, she would be either fully recovered from the surgery or well on the road to recovery.
While I understand that doctors may want higher salaries, didn’t they take a Hippocratic oath? I mean really … these doctors just walked out and left patients uncared for.
If they didn’t want to do the surgery at time of discovery, why didn’t they at least do a biopsy? It could have been done as easily as a pap smear … well maybe a little more uncomfortable … but still, at least they would have an idea of what they were dealing with and if urgency was required.

I was told a few months ago that writing and venting would keep me sane. I know my being able to sit and write about anything and everything has done that. I also know that while some people might argue my sanity *grins*, I see things in a different light now and whether that is good or bad remains to be seen. I just know I am glad I have this blog to pour out feelings, emotions and ventings to … it doesn’t sigh or dispute anything I say or tell me I shouldn’t worry.

I’m sure over the next week I will sit down and write more, So be warned oh blog of mine … there is no telling what I will tattoo on your pages.

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1 Response to Sometimes I wonder …

  1. syren says:

    i really like your writing style, Chris. hugs.

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