The Spontaneous Gardeners

Back in 2008 while relaxing on the front porch steps in a virtual reality, the woman (Angelika) with whom the following conversation takes place and I were forming a deeper bond than either of us had thought possible.

It was frightening if I am honest with both myself and you, the reader … to both of us but it was so amazingly natural. We would banter back and forth, talk for hours and occasionally, amidst the laughter would create something that was perfection without even realizing it until it blossomed.

This is one of those creations.

She: blushes
Hy: reaches over and lets hys fingertips trace your blushing cheeks and whispers …
aye, like an apple ripening in the morning sun she blushes, the moisture coating her lips but the morning dew, placed there by angels as she slept.
She: blinks at you
Hy: looks at you
She: whispers….like a budding rose, twisted her stem to peek about the shadowy corners, hoping to find the mornings first rays, to nourish, to help grow
Hy: takes in the words and continues … thorns catching upon walls built to seal emotions in, to set the rose free from having to feel the heat of the sun that she basks in.
She: …takes and continues….. seeking the gardener’s velvet glove, to harness the climbing attempts along the stony walls, reaching, hoping, for the dews delights as the bright rays of day beckon her to abandon the safety of the shadows …hands it over….
Hy: gathers the words like a bride choosing petals from scattered roses upon the carpet on with she walked and says … velvet glove meets thorn which makes a vain attempt to pierce and snag, the velvet contradicting with grace and smoothness, smiles to the rose, the long stem, the thorns and says … “if completeness is beauty, then you fair rose are the most beautiful of all, for through your petals radiates, honour, truth, grace and wisdom.
She: the rose, expanding upon the softness felt, finding the surface of her petals caressed with words so gentle, twists her stems and leaves, opening, reaching, yearning and for the first time in her virgin life, finds her voice….if completeness is beauty, then my beauty is only because you complete me
Hy: lowers hys eyes unable to find any more words
She: lays her head on your chest, and closes her eyes

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