An Inspiration? Hmmm …

The 2012 Olympics opening ceremony was purely astounding.

As someone who has resided in the United Kingdom since 1979, all of thirty-three years, I can honestly say that Danny Boyle deserves the equivalent of an Oscar. But then each and every volunteer deserves a special mention for not just those who took part in the theatrical wonder Mr. Boyle created but those who are performing and have performed other tasks

But, and there has to be a but …

I am disgusted that the quote I found so inspiring which has been spoken time and again from the very beginning of the whole process, the process which began with the presentation of London’s bid to host the 2012 Olympics right up to and including Lord Coe’s speech during the opening ceremony was not only not mentioned in any of the newspapers I read on Saturday, neither was the fulfilment of that quote.

Lord Coe and others have stated that these Olympics will inspire the next generation. That these Olympics will pass the flame on, and that is precisely what was done during the magical and poignant ceremony. Many past Olympic champions gathered at track-side as seven young athletes … the next generation … stood erect and proud in front of seven similarly attired champions. They presented the torch lit with the Olympic flame which had travelled thousands of miles only to be presented with a further six torches which were duly lit from the one and with these seven golden torches, the champions of tomorrow, the next generation would light the Olympic Cauldron.

This symbolic yet literal passing on the the next generation of the hope, glory and honour of the Olympic dream but also the knowledge that with hard work, determination and dedication they too can be champions is so important. Not only is it true for the future Olympians, but as Tim Berners-Lee. inventor of the World Wide Web said, “This is for everyone.”

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