Five things I am thankful for …

A dear friend of mine spent a few hours talking to me on skype tonight and she said … before we sign out I want you to list 5 things you are thankful for … I went quiet and decided to write this.

Firstly I am so very thankful for Angelika. For having her there to lift me up, to talk to me and to listen to me. I am thankful for her love, her tenderness, her bluntness, her compassion and for her sharing of emotions.

I am thankful that I survived cancer once so that I could learn to love again.

I am thankful for having given birth to my son, my little miracle who throughout his life has tried my patience but whom I love regardless.

I am thankful for my multitude of friends, online and offline who have been there from day one and offered a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen with and kind words that bring smiles and tears as well as the gift of laughter that raises me from the depths of fear.

I am also thankful for the no-BS doctors that have been as blunt as Angelika but that is what I wanted.

And here is one you didn’t ask for, my friend … I am thankful for each and every day … for each sunrise and each night for it means I have battled through another day.

Thanks, Synergy … for being there.

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