A 9 word challenge poem

Ethereal Movies Crockery Bright Vine Cloud Long White Drape

The ethereal lighting
of the room
draws my hazel eyes.

Compelling them to
look away from
the compilation of
old Black & White movies
that flicker
on the TV screen.

In the kitchen,
the familiar sound
of crockery signals
my appetite and my mouth
begins to water
in anticipation.

The long, sheer
white drape flutters
seeming to move
aside for your body
of its own accord.

And you float
like a cloud,
your long hair
caressing your shoulders
like a vine.

The bright light
of the candle
on the tray
of offerings you bear
fighting to outshine
the twinkle of your eyes
and failing.

Old movies forgotten,
the offerings of nourishment devoured,
I look to your soul
for eternal dessert.

~ 13 OCT 2012

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