9 Word Poetry Challenge (with dedication)

It isn’t often that I dedicate one of these challenges, but with all my heart and soul, I dedicate this one to the lady that makes my life worth living. She has taught me more in almost 5 years than I learned in 52. Not only about life in general, but about love and about myself.

She is my best friend, my confidant, my lover, my partner and without her, I would be lost.

I remember not long after we met, someone asked me if I loved her more than life. At the time, I had been a cancer survivor for just over 6 years and I knew (and still do) what love of life is. But to me, the answer was so simple and if I was asked today, I would respond with the same answer … “I love them both the same.”

Current, Season, Trial, Memory, Light, Darkness, Sleep, Wistful, Candlelight

Sleep falls upon me
as I face my trial.

Locked within my memory
amongst the wistful dreams
of you,
lays the darkness of the battle fought.

Ahead, the light at the end
of the tunnel
that dances like candlelight
and symbolizes the defeat
of the cancer.

Will I lay eyes on that,
the flickering, shimmering
reminder that life is mine,
is ours?

As the season of Yule
draws nearer
and sleep flows like
a tidal current.

Thoughts of you keep me fighting.

~ 13 Nov 2012

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