There’s a mouse!!!

Imagine please if you will being on Skype talking with one of your best friends as she wanders to and fro in her house, courtesy of wireless headphones. The conversation takes in many things as always but we never fail to have a laugh.

Now imagine, same friend, different day and the conversation is proceeding nicely as she munches her Penne with Roasted Garlic sauce then meanders in to settle in her recliner, which I am assured is not a big bulky one but resembles an ordinary wing chair.

All of a sudden my ears are ringing from the resounding scream of a “girly girl” and in between the seemingly endless screams, I am being told there is a mouse and it has HUGE fangs. I can do nothing but laugh, so that is precisely what I do.

I can only guess that to her, it looked something like this:

only bigger.

As she proceeded to try and get the mouse to vacate the premises and failed, I continued to laugh being called a “meanie”. In the end, she abandoned the room for parts of the house which hopefully were not rodent inhabited and began to calm down …. slightly.

Finally, she returned to the ‘recliner room’ and stomped and banged in an attempt to announce her reappearance to the mouse, which was probably scampering back to it’s abode to tell it’s mouse spouse about the evil human that had just scared it.

I’m thankful I wasn’t there because my scream probably would have out-blasted hers.

Thanks for the fun, my friend … you know who you are. *smiles*

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2 Responses to There’s a mouse!!!

  1. synergy says:

    It was on my counter!!!!! ICK, GROSS…. YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!

  2. synergy says:

    … and I didn’t actually see teeth, but I imagine they are MUCH bigger!

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