Crete – 9 word poetry challenge

Hello readers *smiles*, as some of you may or may not know, I was gifted a trip to Crete from a very dear friend. Her name online is Suny, on facebook … Canea Kanis and she has a heart that is so big.

My penultimate day in Crete was my friend’s birthday and she had invited a group of her friends to go out for dinner.
I smiled and laughed so much that night. It is nice to know she has sure amazing friends.

While we were chatting about everything from history and music to zodiac signs, I was asked what sign I was.
Well, I’m a Pisces and while I don’t profess to know much about who my stars say I am, I have a passion for music
and poetry. I mentioned that I love, love, love 9 word challenges and was given 9 words with which to
compose a poem. The words were: love, sea, sky, wind, boat, sail, heart, nature and wine.

This is what I came up with:

As I sit
gazing out over the
turquoise sea
to a point
where the sky
purses its lips
and kisses
the whitecaps
whipped up by the
warm wind.

My eyes spy
the crisp whiteness
of a sail
on the horizon.

The hull
of the boat was red
the colour
of a fine wine
like that
which one
in a

The one that flows
like nature’s river
from the heart
when you have found love.

-7 June 2013

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