9 Word Challenge

dancing, alone, worry, freedom, surprise, mystery,laughter, peace, acceptance

Wandering around the old derelict house that had once been hys home
alone with memories which were priceless,
hy felt at peace.

It had taken the passing of years
to bring about the freedom of acceptance
within these walls.

Hy settled down on the remnants of the floor
hearing sounds no-one else can …
singing, laughter, squeals of surprise.

Tracing in the layers of dust with hys fingertip
hy creates flowers the like no garden has seen
virginal orchids full of mystery.

The sound of a car door lifts hys head for a moment
as hys hand rests gently upon the orchid
and her hand comes to rest upon hys shoulder.

“Don’t worry, love. Everything will be perfect.”
Her soft voice caressing hys ears as no other.
Hys lips curl into a wistful smile.

Hy remembers learning to dance in this house.
Waltzes with hys Mother as hys Dad corrected hym.
Hy slowly stands and turns.

Gazing into her eyes,
the stars overhead their candles,
hy takes her hand in hys.

Dancing was never the same back then.

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