9 Word Challenge

hope, sun, unravel, shelter, neighborhood, thunder, spin, mountain, paper

Cabin fireplace

Thunder clouds spin a web of murky darkness
around the mountain top
barring the warming rays of the sun
from the windows of the chalet.

Seeking shelter in front of the fire
the only light in a room whose walls are lined
with bookcases
hy reads the article again.

Letters from hys once-upon-a-time home
always contained snippets
carefully cut from the neighborhood paper
this one brought silent tears.

As hy tried in vain to unravel a knot
with hys fingers
hys tear-stained eyes searched
the flames for something, anything to help hym forget.

Sprawled on the rug remembering how it used to be
hy inhaled slowly filling hys lungs
with the scent of pine resin and roasting acorns
that cause hisses and pops to converse with hym.

Hy lives in hope that one day
it will get better
and obituaries in letters
will no longer be the norm.

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