9 Word Challenge

mercy, surprise, joy, misunderstanding, cake
satiate, friendship, death, warm

It was a word shouted with joy
by everyone in the room.

Hys eyes roamed,
searching out hers.
This woman whose friendship
bestowed upon hym warmth enough
to satiate the freezing cold.

Icicles of death melted slowly
in the warm glow her heart gave
and even though she gifted no mercy,
her relentless faith
nurtured hym and her perseverance toppled walls.

The cake,
a comedic representation of hys
missing boobage brought laughter.
If anyone else had done it,
more scars would have been obtained.

Yet somewhere down the line of years
a misunderstanding occurred …
and it was hys inner strength and
relentless faith that stood the test.
The toppling of walls made way
for rebuilding and the planting of trees.

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