9 Word Poetry Challenge

lightening, comical, laughing, entering, leaving, icebreaker, zinging, blessing(s), exuberance

Airport Lightning

As bold flashes of lightening lit the sky
hy stood,
inside the airport awaiting her arrival.
Although exuberance caused fire to burn
it could not calm the incessant butterflies
that caused hys stomach to churn.

back against wall with one foot firmly planted,
the other resting against the wall
hy continued to observe
as people passed by entering hys chosen country.
Some smiling or laughing,
some dabbing tears of joy.

The phone chimes in hys pocket
agile fingers retrieve it and hold it to hys ear.
The voice … her voice brought goosebumps to hys skin
as she uttered for the first time of many,
“Guess where I am” and hy, eternal smart-ass
replied “I hope in London”.

A short ride to the hotel, and then her request
which brought trembles to hys aged hands
and fear to hys very soul.
Complying, hy felt her touch zinging
from the flesh to hys heart.
Such a priceless icebreaker.

Comical yet meaningful journeys
to Brighton and the surrounding area,
games of Backgammon, delicious breakfasts,
amusing buckets of ice,
warnings and blessings over the phone
and suddenly she was leaving.

Returning to her world 3ooo miles away
and hy,
left standing on the other side of the barrier
left with the first collection
of priceless memories
and a long, lonely drive home.

Yet in those days, hy had begun to live again.

Brighton Pier

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