9 Word Poetry Challenge

Candle(s), Blanket, Grapes, Star(s), Blank, Pluck(ing), Food, Drink, Savor(Savour for Europeans)

They sat together,
on an old blanket under the blank night sky.
Hy lost in her eyes,
as the sound of waves mimicked hys heartbeat
and she,
gazing into hys soul plucking pennies from within.
hy fed her grapes
and occasionally
would lean down to steal a kiss.

From the basket,
hy took a small wood and glass container which held a candle.
Lighting it,
hy smiled then blinked
to capture the glow the soft light
gave her face,
She had taught hym much.
About how to love again,
to savour every moment
and especially,
that hy was not as hy once believed.

She stole
hys breath with a touch,
gave hym food with her love
and quenched
hys thirst with a drink of wine from her kiss.
Hy gave
her hand a gentle squeeze
and pointed upward at the lone star
and with no doubt in hys voice said,
I made a wish all those years ago …
and you came true.

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