9 Word Challenge

north, breeze, jasmine, wine, warm(th), marsh, hill(y), hawk, arrow

House on a hill

The house stood
lonely upon the hill.
Sometimes, it looked
as if the clouds kissed the roof.

She sat sipping wine on the porch
in her ancient rocking chair
feet bare as if absorbing the last
if the summer warmth.

The lone hawk
made lazy circles
as it rode the thermals of the
North breeze.

At the bottom of the hill,
a bridge of sorts
spanned the marsh like ground
leading to her gateway.

Cupid’s arrow had once flown
and the jasmine that covered
the arched trellis there
was a reminder of those times.

Sweet scents, clinging hugs,
lingering kisses
yet now, her reverie of love
was about all she could remember.

A rainbow appeared as if by magic,
shards of glass decorate the porch
around the rocking chair
and she travels home.

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