9 Word Poetry Challenge

silent, snowfall, cardinal, bundled, still, gloved, prints, mute, gloved


As hy sits in the silent, grey gloom
gazing out the over-sized bay window
at the dark-leaved Bay Tree that lies
on the edge of the walled garden,
hy glimpses a flash of red.

Bold against the stark white
of the overnight snowfall
and the deep green of the tree’s leaves,
a Cardinal sits and sings.
Its song clear in the frozen air.

The notes inate and somewhat haunting.
Shared by others of its kind
their meaning unknown but to them.
Is it a song of happiness or sadness?
Hy sat, mute and listened.

On the wall opposite the tree,
a calico cat perches.
Eyes glued upon the winged creature,
long tail twitching
as it contemplates the hunt.

It slithers down the wall
placing body close to the virgin snow
and step
by calculated step
it inches towards its intended prey.

Prints of paws
and feathers fluttering
on the still surface are all that remain
as hy,
bundled up against the cold ventures forth.

Woolen gloved hands yield a small shovel
clearing snow from the base of the tree
and carving a grave with the blade
hy murmurs a brief prayer
then covers the remains.

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