9 Word Poetry Challenge

fun, sparkling, glamorous, cap, kit, balloon(s), zoo, childlike, sunshine

feed the birds

Sunshine winks through my window.
I slither from under the covers
standing with the palms of my hands
resting upon the window sill
as I admire the dew drops
sparkling on the roses.

I have decided that today
will be a day for photography.
The rain of the shower,
the gentle roughness of the towel,
the comfort zone of favorite jeans
and a rugby shirt, kit and out the door.

What could be more fun
than catching people unaware.
Children beaming with pride
at their multi-coloured balloons,
couples strolling hand-in-hand,
families standing outside the gates of the zoo.

As I wander, camera in hand,
I glimpse things that others take for granted.
A reflection in a window,
a peanut as an Elephant’s trunk approaches it,
the childlike grin of the little boy
accepting an ice-cream from his father.

Then I spy her,
this distinguished, glamorous old woman
sitting on the bench with a bag of crumbs
feeding the little birds
gathered on the ground at her feet.
I smile as I have not smiled all day.

Turning my baseball cap
so the bill rests on the back of my neck,
I raise my camera
and holding the shutter down
take a hundred pictures in sequence
that will remind me of this day, forever.

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