Ponderings …

red flag warning
Sometimes I sit and other times I just sit and think. I have been thinking about how to write about this particular subject for a few days now and finally feel as though I can address it. To some, it may seem silly, to others, they may be able to relate, somehow. Perhaps it triggers something, or compels a coping mechanism. For me, it was both a maniacal waving of a red flag and a trigger … I think.

I am a member of several “lesbian” web communities. Some dedicated to the Butch-Femme dynamic, others for all lesbians, no matter how they or the social ladder classify them. This particular site, sends emails out and one I received the other day was worrying enough that I held on to it so I could write about it.

This woman is heterosexual, has never had a lesbian experience but admits to being curious. She says that she “really likes this woman but doesn’t know her well” but does know that she is a lesbian. She admits to stalking this woman via facebook and to being disappointed to find out she had a girlfriend. While there isn’t anything THAT strange about a heterosexual woman being curious, the admission to stalking is worrisome.

Why do I consider it to be worrying? Well she has now joined this lesbian website and states that she is looking “not necessarily for a relationship maybe just friends to start off with.” Perhaps it is just me, but if I was single and looking and I read a message from this woman who admits she stalked someone, I would be very hesitant.

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