9 Word Poetry Challenge

lighthearted(ly), comprehend(ing), depth(s), sky-high, spirit(s), call(ing), best, days, compassion

I fail to comprehend at times
the depth of my love for you.
I soar sky-high while lost,
in your eyes of crystal blue.

That you understand my falters,
my stumbles along life’s way,
and welcome me into you arms again,
hold me close, I’ll never stray.

The best days of my life include you
when bright your laughter rings
and when the night falls silently
it is then that my spirit sings.

Compassion, I’m at your mercy,
as your nails dig into my skin.
It is only with you that I recognize
where ‘I’ end and where ‘we’ begin.

So take my hand my lover,
dance lighthearted with me please
and with your sensual whispers,
will you always tease.

Will you cry my name in passion,
lay your head upon my chest?
Will you call out to me in dreams
as together we quietly rest?

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