9 Word Poerty Challenge

East, Jade, Silk, French, Iron, Night, Postcard, Polish, Sing

Sometime during the night
I have fallen asleep.
On the table before me
my boot-blacking box
stands guard.
My boots bear witness to
coat after coat of polish
lovingly applied.
They drink it in
as I drink in thoughts
of the morning,
and you.
The iron that caressed
my shirt cools
as I grow hot
dreaming of caressing you.
The phone rings and drags me
into the dark
where the sound of your voice
is the light as you sing.
Not literally,
but in that way you have
that tugs at the
strings of my heart.
In the East,
the sun battles with
the semi-darkness
as the moon yields
to make way for light.
I rise and yawn
to let the butterflies
escape from within me.
as I stand, peering
at the jade grass
outside the hotel room window.
Later, at the airport,
your flight arrives
to a fanfare of nerves
that overshadow the blaring
of announcements.
Then, back at the hotel,
the silk tracings
of your French manicured nails
draw forth from my lips
a sound only you can hear.
And the postcard I bought in Brighton
is only one of many memories
that I hold dear.

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