9 Word Poetry Challenge

Melody, Profound, Follow, Silk, Steel, Eye, Sun, Melt, Lost

Choosing love over anger
I reached out
and took your hand.
I had been lost,
wandering around
not knowing,
or caring
where my life was going.

How profound,
that you
should come into my life
at a time when
was stronger than
and show me a better path
to follow.

You the artist,
my muse,
the one who knows
the melody
of my heart-song.
You who showed me
that choosing
love over anger
was perfection.

You are
the only one
that warms me like the sun.
The one who melts
the frozen tears on my cheeks.
The one whose vision
that fills my mind’s eye.
The one for whom I,
chose love over anger.

~ Aryon 13 June 2014

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1 Response to 9 Word Poetry Challenge

  1. Kane says:

    “You are
    the only one
    that warms me like the sun.”

    This has got to be my favorite line.
    So, beautiful! You have super amazing talent!
    Can’t wait to read more.

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