9 Word Poetry Challenge


Adorn, Worn, Warn, Born, Torn, Forlorn, Mourn, Horn, Licorice

As I sit on the beach,
a forlorn moon rises
leaving a trail
on the midnight blue sea.

I mourn your absence.
That you are not here
at this place
I shared with you, now.

At the sound of footsteps
crunching on the pebbles
worn smooth by sand and waves,
I peer over tired shoulders.

A low horn of the lighthouse
serenades the ships and I
with its one note melody.
Sad and lonely, like me.

I’m torn between
staying here and
getting behind the wheel,
driving till the sun rises.

The lighthouse blares
its warning again
and with its solitary eye,
takes in its surroundings.

Unbeknownst to me,
the hours pass.
Pink then red hues
adorn the horizon.

And out of a licorice night,
another day is born.

~ 28 June 2014

Readers note: I took the liberty of using warning in place of warn

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