How Many Shades of What??

While looking after “Das Haus” and all that is within its walls, I have come across books that I have yet to read. This is always a nice discovery, for me at least, as I am a somewhat avid reader … but then so is my partner … hence the finding of books.

Fifty Shades of Grey
One of the books I came across was Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James. Okay, I know some of you that know me may think I should have read this when it first came out, but to be honest, reading a book about a lifestyle I am familiar with which has been written by someone who really isn’t did not seem like my proverbial cup of tea.

My partner read it, made a few comments about it to me and suggested that I read it …
so ……

Where to begin …

As I sit here pondering what to write, the first thing that springs to mind is … did this supposedly smart, dominant businessman not know what Skype was? I mean really!! The emails back and forth between the two main characters were hilarious.

Secondly, being a control freak does not make you a dominant. Sure he has a so-called “pain room” but anyone can wield a flogger, use a necktie to bind wrists and use the “I am not a romantic” excuse … that does not define a dominant. A little “slap and tickle” doesn’t either.

That is not to say that all people who wield floggers, bind wrists and derive pleasure in such ways are not dominants … purely that in my opinion, the main male character likes kinky sex.

I am not ignorant to the ways of dominance or submission, but I am not an expert either. I just feel that the book was Vanilla gumph with a few chocolate chips thrown in for excitement. Sorry, but I do not think I will be reading the other books in this trilogy. I prefer chocolate with a few vanilla chips thrown in for variety more.

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