Having heard those dreaded words twice, my heart goes out to fellow author Sandra Moran, her wife and their families. They are some of the most horrific words a person can hear and for those who are close friends, or even acquaintances, they can be just as harsh.

I had the honour of meeting Sandra Moran in this past summer at the GCLS Conference in New Orleans. Sadly, I didn’t get to chat with her very much as I’m certain this well-studied woman with several books under her belt has a lot of wisdom to impart. But I did get to experience not only her infectious smile but her sense of humour and since then have gone out of my way to purchase her books.

I am so thankful that Sandra Moran has so many people rallying around at this change of journey. I would be lying if I said this is an easy path and I know some of us have personally traveled it or walked beside someone else as they did.

It can be the little things that mean the most. It is certainly the things that bring a spontaneous burst of laughter or a smile. It is the positive, the thoughts, the prayers, the hope. Even if you don’t know the person as well as someone else, it still counts.

Thank you for touching my life in a positive way, Sandra. You will never know what it meant to me. Thank you for sharing your talent with us, for being the person you are. Know that you are in my thoughts as you travel this path.

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