A Long Time Past

It seems a lifetime since I last wrote something here. In fact, it was August of last year. The new year is six days old, which is nothing when you ponder what the other 359 will bring.

Last year brought so many new and wonderful things.

Singing with the South West Philharmonia and Chorus more than a few times. This is something that brings great joy to my life. To have been part of this family of musicians is something I wish everyone could experience … but, of course, they can’t.

I have continued my work on my “City By The Sea” book of poetry and prose, and I find this a grand learning, exploring and writing project. I am also working on my first novel, “Truth is Marching On” (working title) and loving every minute I spend on it. I love watching each chapter evolve as the characters speak to me.

I have said goodbye to some, and hello to others and I have been blessed with another grandchild … a boy.

I hope for each of you, that 2018 will be a year to remember for ALL the right reasons.

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  1. Good to find you here, my friend!

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